*Cough* Ok less depressing intro time.
Hi! My name is David. I am a gay aspiring ASL Interpretation student. I am also a profound gamer. I do not just stick to one type at all, so you will probably see a rainbow of genres.
I also have multiple mental disorders that would lead most people to insanity such as: Dissociative Disorder, PTSD, Depression, PAS, and Hematopobia. I was born with ADHD and Dysgraphia, which is much like Dyslexia, but it applies to my writing a lot more than my reading.
Sometimes I can be quite depressing, but I always find a way to make things better. So I really do hope you enjoy my blog.



shout out to that one pokemon you use as a meat shield while you heal the pokemon that actually stand a chance




'girlfriend' by avril lavigne came out seven years ago

hey hey
you you
i don’t like your fun fact

No way
No way
I think you need to stop that